Easy Paycheck Formula – Is It The Best Amazon Affiliate Course?

Are you looking for a good course on promoting physical products via Amazon and other affiliate sites? Easy Paycheck Formula by Sara Young is easy to understand, especially if you are new. She uses an approach that teaches you step by step – nothing is missed out.

The course has both videos and an eBook that you can follow along with – literally watching over the course creators shoulders as she shows you what you need to do to get going. In just one of her videos she shows her EzineArticle account where she had 48% and 26% click through rates on her articles with almost 600 clicks for articles submitted Nov 2009.

The keyword research part of the course is excellent. Using simple techniques to find products that are selling well, without having to spend hours researching. Within an hour you can start having your own “money-making” campaign up-and-running. Amazon Affiliate Course By Mohammad Ismail

Support in Easy Paycheck Formula is actually there within a couple of days and there are advanced methods of beefing things up to earn more once you have got the hang of things. The quality of the instructional videos and PDF’s are excellent, and Sara will personally provide answers to questions and troubleshooting if needed.

You can use free resources as a newbie to get started, but you can use your own website and hosting as well once you start making some money (and in advanced course materials, she recommends moving to that).

Students of the course that have been following it for 2 months say it really works! They have found that they are seeing Amazon sales within the first two days. It takes some effort and time to build up the articles and niches, but that is par for any Internet marketing (not get rich overnight).

For people interested in Internet Marketing and especially in selling physical goods you should look at buying Easy Paycheck Formula.


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